Pre-Adoption Consult

Are you preparing to bring home a puppy or older rescue? How do you know which dog is right for your family? We'll discuss your lifestyle and your preferences, and how to maximize the chances of getting a perfect fit. You’ll learn how to prepare your home and start things off on the “right paw.”


How It Works

  • The consult lasts 75 minutes and costs $50.

  • I’ll meet with the whole family so that I can get everyone’s input.

  • We’ll discuss what your daily life looks like and how much time and energy you’ll realistically have for the new dog, as well as what activities you’d like to do together (ie, going to cafes, camping, jogging, cuddling on the couch, playing with little kids, service dog work).

  • I will guide you in what to look for and what is a red flag as you search. This may include:

    • Choosing breeds.

    • Choosing breeders.

    • Picking a puppy from a litter.

    • Picking a puppy or adult from a rescue or shelter.

    • Learning what to expect from a new puppy or older dog, and helping them transition.

    • Setting up routines and practices that will prevent bad habits before they start.

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The way a breeder raises his or her litters makes a huge difference in their temperaments. Check out these two programs that guide breeders to maximize their puppies’ potential:

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